Speed Proxies is a free proxy list which will list the latest proxies on the internet for proper disposal to many proxy users and subscribers. With this new proxy list site with lots of features like the speedometer, country detection, etc., users will have a variety of choice in finding the right kind of proxies for their daily needs. 

This site has a very efficient speed measuring system which calculates the website load time of all the proxies in a regular manner and therefore making the speed calculations more accurate. So, if you are user who wants the fastest proxies, you can choose from one of the top proxies or if you want a new proxy, you can choose from one of the new proxies.

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How Proxy Servers Work

When you order something online, the business needs your home or business address so that they can ship you the package. Similarly, everyone that connects to the internet has a unique identifying address, known as their IP Address. When you communicate with other websites and devices, they use that IP address to identify you for any number of reasons.  

A proxy server is essentially another computer connected to the internet that has a different IP address. When you send a request to another website, it only sees the IP address of the proxy server and not your personal identifying address. The proxy server makes the request, such as to open a web page or make a digital purchase, on your behalf and sends the response to your location. 

Proxy servers have the ability to make changes to data while still delivering the information you need. They can change your IP address to hide your location and protect your privacyencrypt data so that it secure in transit, and block access to dangerous websites.  


What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is basically a gateway between your device and the internet. Instead of a direct connection to the website you want to browse, you will go through an intermediary first. A proxy server can deliver various degrees of privacy, security, and functionality, depending on your needs and the service you choose. 

When you use a proxy server, your request for information flows through that server on the way to its intended location. Likewise, the website you want to communicate with will send its information through the proxy server before it comes back to you.  

Setup your own proxy server

A proxy server is the bridge between your local machine and the WWW. In most situations, a proxy server will speed up your Internet connection and add an extra layer of security. If your privacy and security on the Web matters to you - consider setting up a proxy server for yourself. 

The entire setup is free and very do-able - check out video on your left for a walk-through tutorial. 


latest proxy list

15 recent proxies added to our library.

http://omgitseasy.com (4 hours ago)
http://cashclubinternational.info (9 hours ago)
http://proxybanking.info (12 hours ago)
http://transparentserver.info (20 hours ago)
http://internetunblocker.info (1 day ago)
http://proxymirus.com (2 days ago)
http://supergreenstuff.com (2 days ago)
http://bypassschoolinternet.info (4 days ago)
http://proxylease.info (4 days ago)
http://autoinsurancecost.info (4 days ago) 
http://prox1s.info (1 week ago) 
http://prox1online.info (1 week ago) 
http://prox1now.info (1 week ago) 
http://prox1blog.info (1 week ago) 
http://prox101site.info (1 week ago)



Did you know that every time you reach a website or connect with someone online, you are giving away your computer’s location? 

This happens because the person or computer on the other end of the connection needs to know how and where to send information back to your computer or other devices. 

The address that is recorded is known as your IP address, which is short for Internet Protocol. That IP address can be tied to your home or work address and even your name, which you may or may not want. If you'd like a bit more privacy and security, you can use a proxy server instead. 

http://vectroproxy.com (295 hits)
http://nobanned.com (220 hits)
http://xeronet-proxy.net (198 hits)
http://proxyfreeme.com (181 hits)
http://zoxy.net (180 hits)
http://app1e.com (169 hits)
http://lartoon.com (165 hits)
http://dedicated-proxy.info (146 hits)
http://anonymus.us (141 hits)
http://foundhide.com (140 hits)
http://dutchproxy.nl (137 hits)
http://cloak247.com (131 hits)
http://pagehide.com (127 hits)
http://proxonymous.com (125 hits)
http://surfide.com (120 hits)
http://anonymouster.com (120 hits)
http://free-webproxy.info (119 hits)
http://monkeytrio.com (118 hits)
http://unblockwebsites.us (117 hits)
http://MrWanted.com (117 hits)
http://webproxybox.info (110 hits)
http://proxymonkey.org (109 hits)
http://vtunnelwebproxy.info (109 hits)
http://access2sites.info (106 hits)
http://eezyp.info (105 hits)

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