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Different Types of Proxy Servers 

Depending on your configuration and network setup, you can choose from three different types of proxy servers: 

Forward Proxy Server
Forward proxy servers are often used as part of an internal network and usually include a firewall feature. When a client in that network makes a request, it goes through the forward proxy server and hides the requesting user’s IP address. 

Reverse Proxy Server
Reverse proxy servers are meant to ensure the safety and security of the group providing the services, or the host websites. So, when an external user makes a request, it is reviewed by the reverse proxy server for validity and then forwarded to the IP address of the internal server, while also hiding that address from the rest of the world. 

Open Proxy Server
An open proxy server is one that can be accessed by any internet user. It allows a user to hide their IP address from internet content provider or requesting web server. However, this type of proxy server may not be the most secure option.  


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