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Why People Use Proxy Servers 

There are several reasons that individuals and businesses might want to use a proxy server. 

Privacy Benefits 

Anyone who uses a proxy server can browse the internet in private, meaning the destination website will not receiving any identifying information about you or your location. 

Improved Security 

Users can configure a proxy server to encrypt website requests to make transactions more secure. These tools can also prevent access to known malware sites

Better Performance 

Since proxy servers can cache popular websites, frequent visitors will get better performance and faster speeds since they are receiving a “saved” copy of parts of that site. 

Control Internet Access 

Companies and parents can use proxy servers to limit access to certain sites or monitor the internet usage of employees and children.  

Get Access to Blocked Sites 

Proxy servers can allow users to bypass restrictions imposed by organizations and governments for social media, news, and even sports events. 

Few people stop to think about the nuts and bolts of how the internet works. But it makes sense to learn about proxy servers to protect your identity and ensure the safety of your personal information as you connect with others on the web.